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SupportSupport those in need together with entrepreneurs!

Trudly is a crowdfunding platform thanks to which we create a common future! We connect the local community and companies to help those in need.

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Platform trudly.com

How it's working?

Trudly is a crowdfunding platform that connects people who need support with companies that are willing to donate funds to help. The basis of the platform's operation are "bricks" obtained from entrepreneurs and distributed for selected purposes by platform users. For those in need and the foundations that care for them, Trudly provides a greater opportunity to receive real support, as well as the opportunity to promote collections on a larger scale. It is an opportunity to become part of an engaged community consisting of socially responsible companies and users willing to help. Entrepreneurs have a real impact on helping those in need, at the same time cooperating with platform users and taking part in the life of the local community. All this translates into building social trust in your organization and implementing the assumptions of the company's CSR strategy. Joining the Trudly community as a company also offers new opportunities to promote your business and acquire new customers. Additionally, funds allocated for donations may be tax deductible. As a user of the platform, collect donations by gaining discount coupons for products and services of companies registered on the Trudly platform. Donate to fundraisers of your choice and get satisfaction from the help you provide together! Trudly's greatest strength, however, is its community, united by a common goal - helping those around it!

Why trudly.com?

The first platform for companies that allows you to safely and easily transfer money to those in need

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We only cooperate with foundations registered on the platform and verified.

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• We won't surprise you with any hidden fees, paid ads or premium services. • 100% of the donated amount will go to people in need.

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• Many users have already trusted us, including Robert Lewandowski and Paulina Karpowicz.

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